Metex agree deal with Pelsis, leading UK pest control product wholesaler

September 14, 2016

Ratwall - highly effective stainless steel rat drain blockerMetex are delighted to announce an agreement with Pelsis trading under the Edialux brand in the UK to stock and distribute Ratwall, 'the effective rodent exclusion unit' manufactured in the UK from premium grade stainless steel. Ratwall is suitable for both outlets & inlets of manhole chambers and the units are designed to fit within both PVC and clay pipe systems. Its unique design allows the installer to compress the sides of the unit with a spanner or installation pole and the external hinge ensures that no debris can snag internally allowing maximum flow through the pipe. Pelsis stock and distribute both the 4" and 6" versions of the product throughout the UK and any enquiries should initially be directed to 0800 0851 451