Fully Powder Coated Aluminium Dapple Bar Sets

June 15, 2016

Powder Coated Dapple BarsWe listened to our customers carefully before launching our 3rd version of our standard dapple bars, many customers had and still have different requirements and are generally used to using a specific set for a number of years. We now understand the importance of these bars being robust, good quality, very light weight and easy to transport. Our sets now comprise of 900mm, 2mt and 3mt bars . The 900mm and 2mt set comprises of two fully welded dapple bars, these don't come apart and are ready to use instantly. The  set that incorporates the 3mt handle and bar is more challenging for you guys to transport and we've manufactured this to be sectional allowing you to transport the bar separately at an angle, on the roof or through the sunroof!!! The bottom bars  are all 38mm allowing you to create the perfect wave on site  All of our dapple bars are supplied as either sets or individual bars and all are manufactured from super lightweight aluminium and benefit from being fully powder coated to prevent as much corrosion as possible from aggressive flowing screed materials