Metex Knowledge Base

What is Corefix?

Corefix is designed to allow heavy loads to be quickly and safely fixed to plasterboard (dot and dab) cavity walls. View our video here.
Independently tested to safely support 100 kg loads. Corefix can be quickly and easily installed without any specialist tools – just a 10mm drill, hammer and screwdriver.
Originally designed to safely secure wall hung kitchen cabinets Corefix fixings are now used to support any heavy loads on a hollow cavity wall including:

  • large flat screen TVs
  • sanitary ware products
  • boilers and radiators

How does Corefix work?

Corefix bridges the gap between the plasterboard and the solid wall behind with a steel core fixing. This stops the plasterboard itself being crushed and collapsing into the void (as typically happens with other common cavity wall fixings when placed under pressure). With Corefix the load is supported by the solid wall behind the plasterboard cavity. All of the individual Corefix components are engineered to a high quality and the Corefix steel core is plated for corrosion resistance.

Who are Corefix?

Corefix is part of the Metex range of innovate products designed for the construction and pest control sectors.

Metex is an innovative business with over 50 years’ experience in construction material supply, continually researching the industry and providing innovative solutions to assist construction and pest control professionals on their building and maintenance projects.
For further details of our ever growing range of creative construction and maintenance related products please visit

Working with manufacturing both in the UK and overseas we aim to provide products that are not only highly competitive but use quality materials that have been rigorously tested in ‘live’ construction situations before market release.
Through ongoing evaluation of construction market sectors Metex aim to expand their portfolio of construction related products in future months and years by either enhancing an existing product to provide a better user experience or by developing new products that Metex strongly believe will add value to the construction and pest control industries.

Fast & Strong Dot n’ Dab Fixing

Corefix has been developed to safely secure wall-hung kitchen cabinets but it will support any heavy load on a dot & dab wall, to include but not exclusively, wall hung cabinets, large screen TVs, boilers, radiators, sanitaryware & heavy duty shelving.

  • Suitable for most modern  homes with plasterboard / dot & dab walls
  • Trusted and independently tested incredibly strong fixing, 100kg safe working load*
  • Fast installation, no specialist tools required, drill, 10mm bit, hammer & screwdriver
  • For all wall types, brick, block and light weight concrete
  • Independently tested and verified. In house tested to over 250kg on four fixings with a safe working load of 100kg.