Fixing wall-mounted TVs

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How to fix a wall-mounted TV safely

How much does a wall-mounted TV weigh?

This clearly depends on the size of the television but with all the major brands such as Sony, Samsung & Panasonic all making flat screen TVs up to a staggering 100 inches and above in some cases, it really is important to know the weight of your TV and know your hollow wall plasterboard fixing will support the load. Below are some approx. weights for standard size wall mounted flat screen TVs*

  • 32″   5.1kg
  • 40″   6.4kg
  • 43″   9.5kg
  • 50″   15.6kg
  • 55″   17.8kg
  • 60″   24.8kg
  • 65″   28.4kg
  • 75″   31.3kg

* The above TV weights were based on a Samsung range of TVs and were correct at time of writing, please check weights of specific brands and models to verify accuracy.

How to install a TV wall mount on a dot & dab / drylined wall

  1. Mark required location of wall bracket fixings. A minimum of four Corefix dot & dab wall fixings should be used per wall mounted TV bracket. Drill hole to required depth using a 10mm masonry drill bit.
  2. Ensure all debris and dust has been removed from the hole. Gently tap the Corefix plug into place until the flange contacts the plasterboard.
  3. Then tap the metal into place until it is flush with the Corefix plug flange.
  4. Offer the bracket up to the wall and screw to the wall using the supplied screws. Mount the TV to the bracket only after the bracket has been secured onto the dot and dab wall.

Will corefix support my wall-mounted TV?

Corefix was developed over two years and has been specifically designed to carry extra heavy loads on dot and dab / cavity walls. The steel core in this plasterboard fixing transfers the load from the board to the solid blockwork or masonry material behind and whilst other frame fixings claim to perform the same role these can severely distort and bow the plasterboard. A wall mounted TV bracket should be supported on four Corefix fixings, these have been independently tested to a safe working load of 100kg, more than enough to support the heaviest wall mounted TV.