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An exceptionally well-engineered, robust unit. The Metex Nordisk Rat Blocker locks securely in position. Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel the unit has un-rivalled durability. It has a pipe stop feature to prevent the unit becoming dislodged and lost into the drainage line.

Suitable for

The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker can be configurable for inlet or outlet position. The unit is available in a wide range of sizes up to 350mm diameter and is suitable for use in Plastic, Clay, Concrete, Cast Iron and other pipe materials. Special configurations are available, please call for details.

Easy installation

The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker can be installed with zero friction due to its unique patented design. It is simply mounted to the installation pole, lowered into the manhole chamber from street level and pushed into the pipe. To secure the unit the pole is rotated, expanding the device to lock it securely in position.


The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker has been rigorously tested and with over 100,000 units installed has been proven over 12 years. The TX11 features twin serrated flaps, giving double protection. Rats are quick to learn and avoid the sharp serrated flaps.

High quality

The Metex Nordisk TX11 is simply the best quality Rat Blocker available. It is exceptionally well-engineered, manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel for durability and installation into demanding environments.

Eco friendly

The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker is Eco Friendly. This clean and non-toxic Rat Blocker offers a long-lasting and green pest control solution for getting rid of rats in drains.