Ratwall benefits

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Well-engineered, strong unit. Securely positioned in the drainage line for reliable operation. A highly effective Rat Blocking device. Designed in the UK by Metex.

Suitable for

The Metex Ratwall is suitable for 100mm and 150mm (4 inch and 6 inch) drains in both plastic, clay and cast iron. The rat flap Stops rats climbing up drain pipes. The unit can be configured for an inlet or outlet position.

Easy installation

The Metex Ratwall is quick and easy to install. The unique mechanism ensures a low friction insertion into the drain. An optional installation pole may be used, enabling the unit to be installed from ground level.


The Metex Ratwall can open fully with no hinge within pipe diameter and a curved flap, allowing maximum flow. The device shape ensures it cannot become dislodged and lost in the drainage line. Rats cannot pass the rat flap device against the flow.

Finalist in the Pest Magazine Best Product awards 2017.

High quality

The Metex Ratwall Rat Blocker for drains is precision engineered for quality and long life. As a fully stainless steel unit, it is both acid resistant and durable.

Eco friendly

The Metex Ratwall Rat Blocker is Eco Friendly. This clean and non-toxic Rat Blocker offers a long-lasting and green pest control solution for stopping rat access by means of the drains.