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2 Bar Liquid Screed Aluminium Dapple Bar Set 900 & 2000mm

Dapple Bars and Dapple Bar Sets

As any tradesman will tell you, having the right tools for the job is a must if you want to do it right. Not only will it make the task so much easier, you will get a top quality finish too.

Take our Dapple Bars for instance. These have been designed to ensure that the perfect consistency can be achieved when working with screeds or flowing concrete in a wide variety of applications.

We achieved this because before we launched the third version of our standard dapple bar set we went out and spoke to the people who used them. We found that they wanted dapple bars that were robust enough to use with flowing concrete and be powder coated for easy cleaning when the job was done.

They also wanted lighter bars for flowing screed work that were easy to handle and were available in a variety of widths so they could choose the right one for the job in hand.

However if there is one thing that we have learned about working with the construction industry, it is that tradesmen are often loathe to replace tools even if the old ones are, being kind, past their best.

Dapple bars are not really at the cutting edge of technology, essentially being a piece of tube attached to a handle so that you can create a good wave in the concrete or screed. They come in a variety of widths to cope with various applications and generally the operator will customise the handle for their own comfort.

Which is why, being “low tech”, they are very rarely replaced even after they have dappled many thousands of metres of concrete or screed and have become scratched, rusted and encrusted with bits of material.

Special Offers on Dapple Bars

Now may be the time to ditch those old rusty dapple bars and invest in new ones. We currently have steel and lightweight aluminium dapple bars and dapple bar sets on special offer. You can find our amazing dapple bar prices here.

Depending on what you currently use you may be pleasantly surprised by some of the features of our dapple bars.

  • Available in aluminium for liquid screed or steel for flowing concrete
  • There is a choice of handle designs for both comfort and optimum performance
  • The 38mm bottom bar creates the correct “wave” on site ensuring the correct surface finish is achieved
  • Our steel flowing concrete dapple bars have height adjustable handles for comfort and optimum performance
  • All are powder coated for long life
  • Our 3 metre dapple bar has a removable handle for easy transportation and storage

Dapple bars are just one of the many products available from Metex designed for the concrete and screed industry, which include the Chaplin 1949 concrete sprayer, stainless steel and zinc plated levelling tripods, stainless steel liquid screed flow cones and plates as well as innovative wall fixings and pest control products.

These products are all available from our online shop for both the industry professional and the DIY market or call us directly if you need more information at all.

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