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Delivering Innovation to the Construction Sector – the Metex Journey

Delivering Innovation to the Construction Sector – the Metex Journey

We are often asked about the background to the company and why we develop and market some construction industry products and not others. We realised that it all came down to the way we see our position in the construction sector and what we seek to deliver to those who work in it.

Our philosophy and direction stems from the two people behind Metex, both of whom have extensive experience in the construction industry.

Daniel Hopkins runs the sales and marketing aspects of the business and brings over 25 years experience in a similar role notably, at Rainclear Systems and Drainex two guttering and drainage specialists.

Daniel Bamford (from the JCB Bamford family) has a background in product design engineering, turning good ideas into practical products that increase productivity, reduce costs, improve quality and add real value when used.

Metex focuses on three main areas of the construction industry: Screeds and Concrete, Fixings Hardware and Plumbing and Drainage. We do not try a be a “Jack of All Trades” as this inevitably leads to ending up as a “Master of None”. Neither do we try and produce many me-too products unless we feel we can significant benefit to the end user.

Responding to the Construction Sector

Everything we manufacture and sell has a purpose and is usually developed in response to requests from those in the industry who want a better way of doing a particular task.

Take our Corefix product for example. Years ago when the majority of walls had a solid block or brick internal skin with a plaster skim, hanging heavy objects was not too much of a problem. Then along came the rise of the ‘dot and dab’ wall, a construction that now predominates in housing, building and refurbishment. The cavity between the outer plasterboard finish and the solid wall behind creates a weak point where there is nothing but the plasterboard to support the weight.

We listened to those having the problem, got to grips with the issue and came up with the really simple idea of using a steel sleeve inside the fixing to bridge the gap and spread the load to across to the solid wall. It’s a quick, competitive (patented) answer to a problem many faced that requires no special tools or skills.

Sometimes it is hard to spot how much development we put into the items we produce. A dapple bar is hardly the most technologically advanced piece of kit on a building site. However if you are using it for hours every day, even the smallest improvement becomes noticeable.

We powder coat ours so they are easy to clean and did extensive practical research when designing the 38mm bottom bar so that it creates the correct “wave” on site ensuring the correct surface finish is achieved. We even made the handle removable on the 3 metre bar as many tradesman asked:  How do I get that in my van?

Innovation at the heart of Metex

Being an innovative company you sometimes have to think outside the box when it comes to product development. Having a background in drainage we could have produced many me too products, but would that really have been a benefit to the industry?

What we did instead was to develop a fiendishly simple product that can easily be incorporated into the drainage system of most properties that will stop rats using the pipes as a means of entry.

Called “Ratwall”, it is a simple stainless steel flap mounted to an external hinge that lets water flow one way but creates a barrier that stops rats going the other. Our 3D design process and insistence that we test prototypes in live situations for every product we manufacture meant that we were confident this innovative rat barrier would work when we launched it to market.

The majority of our products are manufactured in the UK which means we are less affected by currency rates and the dreaded outcome of the Brexit negotiations! More importantly though it enables us to produce what we believe to be products that make a real difference in the construction industry rather than compete on price with products from abroad.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities and spend a lot of time with tradesmen and other industry professionals, looking at ways (and products) that can save them time or money or overcome a particular niggling issue.

We are always willing to listen to new ideas that can bring widespread benefits. We have enjoyed our journey so far and believe that through our products we have delivered tangible value over and above being competitively priced.

Please click on the product links above to visit websites specific to those ranges or call us free on 0800 130 3646 if you require any further information or have a product idea you would like to discuss.

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