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Grindermate cutting jig being used on site to cut a brick, by a worker in a hard hat and hi vis vest

Metex Launches New Cutting Jig For Brick & Block Paving

A new site tool from Metex has hit the market this month. Designed for use with an angle grinder to make cutting bricks and block paving on site easier, cheaper and safer, the Grindermate cutting jig is now available from Screwfix and B&Q, with more stockists to follow! 

Angle grinders are one of the most dangerous tools used in industry and agriculture, with over 5000 documented injuries related to their use each year. And while holding a brick or paving slab in place with a foot while cutting them on site seems like a quick solution, it risks the disc binding or kicking back, especially on an uneven surface.  

“Working with rotating cutting equipment, and in particular grinders, can be highly dangerous. Grindermate is designed to improve both safety and accuracy of the cut”, director Daniel Bamford explains. 

Brick and block cutting jigs are of course available, but these can often cost several hundred pounds.     Designed for quick and easy site use, especially for building or landscaping contractors on the move, Metex Grindermate is an affordable lightweight cutting platform which doesn’t need any setup time. It’s marked for half brick and angled cuts, and you can just grab it from the van, place it on the ground on a stable surface, and get cutting whenever you need it.

Furthermore, Grindermate’s bottom “teeth” dig into the ground and stabilise it on uneven surfaces. All you need to do is place a brick or block in the position you need, and cut down towards the bottom edge of the cutting jig, where a groove collects the dust. 

Watch how it works: 

During development, Grindermate was tested out with blocks/bricks on site, starting first with a wooden prototype before moving on to a plastic one – the finished product was designed to be made of recycled plastic. After testing the design was refined to make the jig more stable and hold bricks more firmly.    

Grindermate made its debut at the Screwfix Live show in autumn 2022 for a sneak preview, and launched officially in their online store on Jan 23rd. Features are also in development to allow different accessories to be fixed to the jig: Dust suppression is a key consideration and work is ongoing for a dust suppression bottle adaptor. 

Skill Builder’s Roger Bisby recently took a look at Grindermate in his product roundup:

Grindermate is currently available at Screwfix and B&Q, with more stockists to follow soon! 

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