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Secure Boiler Fixing on Cavity Walls

Fix Wall Mounted Boilers Safely with Corefix

Of the many items that have to be attached to the wall of a property, a gas boiler is probably the one where a secure fixing is essential. The boiler will be usually be located on an outside wall in the kitchen or airing cupboard or sometimes on a block built internal wall.

Wall fixing a heavy boiler can present problems as building practice since the 1930’s has been to construct the wall with a cavity either between the outer and inner skin or behind a plasterboard finish. The latter is often referred to as a dot and dab or dry lined wall.

A traditional cavity wall presents less of a problem as the inner skin is usually made of bricks or blocks, which offer a good anchor for the fixing as the plug will be fully inserted into the wall.

A dot and dab wall is a different matter because there is a gap between the outer plasterboard finish and the solid wall behind. In this instance the weight of the unit is only partially supported by the plug inserted into the wall with the plasterboard having to support the rest of the load. The greater the load, the higher the risk of the plug deforming or the plasterboard collapsing into the void.

Corefix Fixings

What is required therefore is a fixing that securely bridges this gap. The Corefix range has been particularly developed for this situation. As opposed to a traditional rawl plug, Corefix has a steel core which fits snugly inside the plug.

This steel core creates a strong and inflexible bridge over the gap, spreading the weight throughout the fixing. This means that the unit being attached cannot move as the fixing flexes when the weight is attached and the risk of the plasterboard collapsing is eliminated.

This is vitally important when attaching gas boilers to a cavity wall as the integrity of any pipework can be compromised if the unit is not secure and there could be a major gas leak if the fixing should fail entirely.

Corefix fixings have been tested to a load of 250kg on four fixings and have a safe working load of 90kg, which is easily capable of securely supporting a modern gas boiler.

The same can be said of other central heating components such as radiators or any other heavy items such as wall hung cabinets, televisions, wall hung sinks and toilets and shelving.

For more information visit our dedicated Corefix Knowledge Base where there is a handy technical datasheet. Corefix is available in Trade or DIY pack sizes from our online shop.

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