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Why do rats cause so much damage to property?

As the winter draws in, rat infestations can become a big problem in homes throughout the UK as rats look for warmth and shelter. Unfortunately for humans, rats carry infectious diseases and are also capable of causing thousands of pounds worth of structural damage to property.

Why do rats cause so much damage to property?

Most rat damage is a result of rats’ natural behaviours, including gnawing, nest building, and defecating, which means it’s an inevitable part of a rat infestation. Some of the most significant damage caused by rats includes:

– Chewing through cables and wires, which can in some cases even cause a fire.
– Gnawing through upholstered furniture, attic and wall insulation, and even into electrical appliances.
– Gnawing through the exterior of your home to get inside.
– Chewing through plastic pipes in your drainage system.

How do rats get into my home?

There are a number of ways that rats can get into your home. Rats can squeeze in through cracks in the walls, holes around windows, or even come down the chimney. Another popular route is to make their way through drains, via the drainage chamber and up through the U-bend in your toilet. Even if you don’t think your home is compromised, rats can chew through pipework and other vulnerable materials including wood, glass, cinderblock, and even various metals.

How can I prevent rat damage?

The only way to stop rats from damaging your property is by preventing them from getting into your home. It’s always easier to stop rats from entering a building in the first place than it is to combat a rat infestation that’s already taken hold. One tried and tested method is to get yourself a cat, but if you’re not planning on extending your feline family any time soon, your next best bet might be rat blockers, including those made by Nordisk and Metex.

The Ratwall Ratblocker by Metex is an effective and inexpensive option for blocking out rats in your home by preventing them from climbing up drain pipes – one of the most common routes that rats use to access homes in the UK. It can be installed into underground drains by hand or from street level and is suitable for plastic, clay, and cast iron drains. Ratwall is a humane and cost-effective solution to your rat problem.

The Nordisk RatBlocker is the most advanced and dependable rat blocker available. Suitable for all installations with sizes up to 350mm. As with Ratwall, the Nordisk range can also be installed from street level. Rigorously tested and with more than 90,000 units installed worldwide the Nordisk range is established as the global market leader of ratblocking devices.