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Work Experience at Metex

What’s a quick crash course in Metex like? Our work experience students Ewan & Henry spent time this summer getting to know every side of the business. Read below for what they got up to and how they found the experience! They also produced an Instagram reel of their time at Metex – you can watch it HERE.

Henry (15, secondary school):

“I have just finished my week of work experience at Metex. Overall it was a great experience to see the different aspects into working a business. Over the week I learnt about all aspects such as the finance behind the company, and stock and warehouse management. I also looked at the marketing within the business which was joined together with looking at the social media and website analytics, and we also learned about product design and the software behind it all. Over the whole week I learnt a lot about the business and how to run it, and had an amazing week with Metex!”

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Ewan (19, engineering student)

“I had an excellent time doing work experience at Metex. I was given a great insight into the function and workings of the company from product design to marketing to warehouse management. It was brilliant to hear about the journey that the company has been on, and see their ambition to grow further. Also, it was really interesting to see the diverse range of products on offer and learn about all aspects of the design process from initial concept to putting the product on the shelf!

I spent the first week of my work experience at the warehouse and offices on Anglesey. I was able to immerse myself in the many aspects of the business including sales, product assembly, warehouse management, finance, marketing, special projects and product design. One of the company’s directors outlined the product design process which gave me an insight into how the product is conceptualised and designed using CAD. Also, I helped with assembling rat blockers before helping to collect products in the warehouse to be packaged for delivery. The finance manager gave me an appreciation for the follow up required for the many orders that leave the warehouse each day. In marketing, I was introduced the idea of a customer persona to help promote the products with the target market in mind. Also, I was given the opportunity to create a reel outlining my work experience to go on the company Instagram!

In my second week, I worked at the Swindon office of the company, where I focused on sales and customer relations. When working with the category manager for tooling, I saw the number of customers that work with this part of the company and how important it is to maintain strong relationships with them in this industry. I also aided the category manager with the creation of a help video on one of Metex’s many sprayers. I spent the second part of this week with the other company director where I learned about driving sales for Metex and how to grow the company in the future. Also, during this week, I designed the preliminary CAD for the new Corefix fixings packaging!

I am very grateful for the opportunity that Metex gave me and thoroughly enjoyed working with the great team they have built.”