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About Metex

We always find this hard when talking about ourselves, I guess what we’ve tried to share in the briefest terms is where we came from, our ethos now and our genuine vision on how we want our business to evolve.

Does every business start with humble beginnings, or was it just us? In our make shift office (the garage), freezing cold trying to type, two directors trying to make it work 300 miles apart, different garages, designing, fabricating and painting parts by hand, securing orders that kept the midnight oil burning…….all seems a very long time ago.

Now with manufacturing facilities in both the UK and internationally we provide innovative construction sector related products that utilise the highest quality materials, represent value for money and have been rigorously tested in ‘live’ construction situations before market release.

Through listening to our customers and evaluating the construction industry sector, Metex continue to develop their portfolio of construction related products by either developing new products or enhancing an existing product or range through strong supply chain partners.

We aim to provide a fantastic multi-channel experience through this website, over the telephone and via our trusted network of stockists and distributors.

We believe quality product innovations result in an enhanced user experience that will continue to benefit construction professionals, self-builders & DIY individuals. View our product range here.

For more information about Metex, read our blog posts.