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Metex have developed a range of green, non-toxic pest control products sold through respected stockists but before making any purchase, we feel it’s important you use our knowledge base to help choose the right product for your rodent problem.

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Rats thrive alongside humans and seek warmth, food, and build nests within buildings. They use drains to travel un-noticed into the buildings and also use more obvious entry points such as cracks in the walls. Rats pose a health risk and cause damage to property including being a fire risk as they chew electrical cables. To proof a building against rodent entry all entry points must be considered and addressed. Blocking obvious entry points such as visible cracks is relatively straight forward, however drains are actually the most common entry point.


Metex provide high quality, effective rodent proofing systems for homes and buildings. Metex can offer a choice of products to stop rats accessing a building through the drains as well as a robust proofing tape to cover building defects. Rat blockers are available in a range of sizes to suit both domestic and industrial use.


All Metex proofing products are non-toxic. The Rat Blockers effectively stop rats and other rodents passing through drains towards a building whilst allowing them to pass freely downstream. A Metex Rat Blocker allows the drain to function as normal. By installing a Metex Rat Blocker into the drain outlet all upstream branches are protected. Metex RatTape can be rapidly applied to block a rodent entry point in the building fabric.

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Where there is no obvious access point into the building: check the drains! Use the video to help select a suitable Rat Blocker.

RatTape is an effective proofing product to consider where the rodents are gaining access through defects in the building fabric.

Product overview

Metex Rat Blockers are a non-toxic pest control solution that effectively stop rats & other vermin passing through drains towards a building whilst allowing them to pass freely downstream.

The Metex Nordisk & Metex Ratwall allow the drain to function as normal. By installing a Metex Rat Blocker into the drain outlet all upstream branches are protected.  The Metex Nordisk range is the only Rat Blocker to achieve WRc Approval, the benchmark within the UK water Industry.

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Pest Control FAQs

+ Help, I have rats in my house, where do I start?

Rats can enter house in a number of different ways and the pest way of permanently eliminating them is to employ a professional pest controller to survey the property and implement measures to eliminate the infestation and prevent it re-occuring. It is possible to take measures on a DIY basis, but there is danger that the time taken to elimination will be extended.

+ How do rats enter a building?

Rat enter building seeking warm, shelter and nesting sites. They can squeeze through narrow gaps and make use of building defects such as cracks in the brickwork or broken vents to enter buildings. Rat use drains as a network of tunnels through which they can travel and access building unseen.

+ Why are the drains so important when rat proofing?

Rats use drains as a hidden highway to access buildings, as they push upstream seeking warmth, food and nesting sites they enter buildings. Rats can travel through pipes directly to the back of a toilet where they often chew the flexible toilet pan connector, causing upset and damage.

+ Can scratching in the loft really be linked to rats that have come through the drains?

Absolutely. If there is a defective drain rat will often use this to gain access to a house. For example, when an extension is built onto a house, it is common that old drains are not effectively capped off, leaving rats free to use them as a point to gain access into the building. Scratching in the loft is the most common tell tail sign, in relatively this is most often caused by rats that have come through the drains, then the wall cavities and up into the loft.

+ Why install a Rat Blocker?

Quality Rat Blockers effectively block rats from travelling up stream through drains towards a building. The Rat Blocker blocks the approach of the rat with a chew proof stainless steel door, however the stainless door allows the waste to travel in the other direction without issue.

+ Will installing a Rat Blocker solve my Rat Problem?

Maybe. Rat Blockers are essential for proofing a building from rats, however they are not the whole story. The whole building must be considered with all possible entry points examined and address as if there are rats entering through the drains, but also through a crack in the brickwork then the Rat Blocker itself will not completely solve the issue.

+ Rats are entering my building through the drains, will a Rat Blocker make them leave?

Fitting a Rat Blocker will prevent rats from entering a building via the drains, however if the resident rat population are comfortable with a food and water source then the Rat Blocker will not guarantee that they will leave. A Rat Blocker is one of many tools available to a Pest Controller.

+ Which Rat Blocker should I buy?

There are a growing number of Rat Blocker appearing on the market and it is essential that a quality, effective and proven unit is installed. Metex is the leading supplier of Rat Blocker in the UK and will never offer poor quality or unsafe products.

+ Which Rat Blocker do Professional Pest Controllers use?

Both Ratwall and Nordisk Rat Blockers are widely used by Pest Professionals and are sold by the leading Pest Control Product Suppliers. Ratwall is the best selling Rat Blocker in UK and Nordisk is the best selling Rat Blocker worldwide with more than 100,000 installed.

+ How do I know if a Rat Blocker is effective and reliable?

A reputable supply will be able to stand behind the products they sell and provide testimonials from Professional installers. The network of approved installers is testament to the quality of Rat Blockers from Metex.

+ What is RatTape and how can it be used?

RatTape can be quickly and easily applied over building defects to prevent rodent access. RatTape has a tough stainless mesh at its core, making it chew proof.

+ Where should I used RatTape?

RatTape can be used to proof building defects in a wide range of materials including wood, PVC, brickwork and concrete. The area that it will be applied to should be dry and free of dust and other debris. RatTape can be overpainted, but is not a substitute for a permanent repair to the building materials in highly visible areas (such as the front of