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Why curing agents are a necessity when laying self-compacting concrete

4th September 2020|

Self-compacting concrete AKA Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a well-established product in the industry and is trusted in some of the world’s highest-profile and advanced construction projects. Unlike conventional concrete, SCC is a semi-liquid that pours and flows quickly and levels naturally under its own weight, with very little manual [...]

WRc & VA Approval: ‘What does this mean and how is it achieved’

11th June 2020|

Fitting a Metex Rat Blocker will prevent rodents from accessing a property through the protected drains whilst allowing rats to pass freely downstream. However, putting a foreign object into a drain is traditionally not thought to be best practice due to the potential of waste and bi-products snagging. Metex [...]

Two new Metex Corefix offerings: A TV fixing kit and a Radiator & Boiler fixing kit

6th April 2020|

Who says social distancing has to be boring! We’re all in the same boat, stuck at home, staying safe and protecting our amazing NHS but still wondering how to pass all that spare time! This is the perfect time to get around to those jobs that you’ve been putting [...]

DIY SOS – How the Versatility of Corefix can come to your Rescue!

25th March 2020|

Stuck at home and scratching your head about which fixing you need…. Corefix has been in the market for a few years now and due to its simplicity in installation and glowing customer reviews it is fast becoming the go-to fixing for both DIYers and those in the trade [...]

Installing Grab Bars to tiled Dot & Dab Plasterboard Walls?

24th October 2019|

Grab bars aren’t just safety devices for hospitals and public restrooms. In your own home, a strategically placed and solidly anchored grab bar can mean the difference between a relaxing bath and a trip to Accident and Emergency at the local Hospital. However, fitting grab bars isn’t always easy. [...]

Launch and benefits of PipeGrip & Chamf!

7th October 2019|

For groundworkers, civil engineers and similar construction and engineering professionals, cutting and chamfering pipes on site can be a challenge. Finding a way to hold a pipe still whilst cutting or chamfering is taking place is difficult, not least because a round pvc pipe doesn't readily stay in place [...]

Corefix gets the Seal of Approval from Kitchen Fitters

15th January 2019|

Corefix is an innovative wall fixing for dot and dab walls. It consists of a patented polypropylene wall plug, heavy duty steel core and screw, the set bridges the plasterboard cavity transferring the load from the plasterboard to the block work behind. Here’s what just a couple had to [...]

Ratwall Voted Runner-up in Pest Magazine Best Product Awards

22nd December 2018|

New kid on the block Ratwall scores an unexpected success in the recent prestigious Pest Magazine Best Product Awards. Ratwall – a product introduced and managed by Metex - is the ideal drain protection device as it allows the full capacity of the pipe to be employed due to its [...]

Delivering Innovation to the Construction Sector – the Metex Journey

25th November 2018|

Corefix Fixing for Plasterboard Dot and Dab WallsWe are often asked about the background to the company and why we develop and market some construction industry products and not others. We realised that it all came down to the way we see our position in the construction sector and [...]