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Corefix gets the Seal of Approval from Kitchen Fitters

15th January 2019|

Corefix is an innovative wall fixing for dot and dab walls. It consists of a patented polypropylene wall plug, heavy duty steel core and screw, the set bridges the plasterboard cavity transferring the load from the plasterboard to the block work behind. Here’s what just a couple had to [...]

Ratwall Voted Runner-up in Pest Magazine Best Product Awards

22nd December 2018|

New kid on the block Ratwall scores an unexpected success in the recent prestigious Pest Magazine Best Product Awards. Ratwall – a product introduced and managed by Metex - is the ideal drain protection device as it allows the full capacity of the pipe to be employed due to its [...]

Delivering Innovation to the Construction Sector – the Metex Journey

25th November 2018|

Corefix Fixing for Plasterboard Dot and Dab WallsWe are often asked about the background to the company and why we develop and market some construction industry products and not others. We realised that it all came down to the way we see our position in the construction sector and [...]