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Best Concrete Sealer Sprayers

11th April 2018|

Chapin is synonymous with industrial and concrete sprayer solutions. Chapin industrial/construction/professional sprayers were designed with the help of chemical manufacturers and construction professionals with specific applications in mind. Have you been searching Where to Buy Chapin Sprayers? Look no further. For excellent prices and support use us! If you have [...]

Delivering Innovation to the Construction Sector – the Metex Journey

2nd November 2017|

We are often asked about the background to the company and why we develop and market some construction industry products and not others. We realised that it all came down to the way we see our position in the construction sector and what we seek to deliver to those who [...]

Liquid Screed Flowing Concrete and Screed Tripods – ensuring perfectly level floors

28th October 2017|

Given the dramatic pace of change in industries such as telecoms, information technology, the military and medical sectors, many people might consider the construction industry to be lagging behind in terms of innovation - but they would be wrong. Much has changed in the building sector it may be that [...]

Pumped Cementitious Screed – The new kid on the block

20th September 2017|

Cement Based Flowing Screeds – What are they and why are they gaining a growing share of the construction market? This relatively new method of solving the age old issue of creating a level floor for final finishing has certainly gained a major foothold in the market and we wonder [...]