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Nordisk LOCK – The Best Just Got Better

Rat blockers have become an important tool in proofing properties against rat infestations. Metex’s sales of Nordisk rat blockers have quadrupled over the last 3 years, despite some new manufacturers of new lower quality products also entering the market! 

The Nordisk TX11 has been a world-leading industrial grade rat blocker for years with over 250 000 installations worldwide. Made from marine grade acid-resistant stainless steel, it provides a durable and non-toxic pest control solution to deter rats from getting into people’s homes through drains. And its sharp serrated twin flaps make rats think twice before trying to lift them!  

The new TX11 LOCK is taking the design further to give rats an even harder time. 

Like the standard TX11, the TX11 LOCK has the same double flaps with sharp teeth, which discourage rats from trying to pry them open – but for total customer peace of mind, the front flap also locks in place with a simple patented system whenever there’s no waste flowing through the rat blocker.  

Locking The Rats Out 

The TX11 LOCK’s new mechanism is very simple, as shown below. There are no interlocking parts that could get stuck – only the blue block on the rear flap which prevents the front flap of the rat blocker from being lifted on its own.  

The front flap can only be lifted together with the rear flap, which means it’s only released when waste flows out through the rat blocker. When there’s no flow through, it remains locked down and, together with the sharp serrated edges, makes it nearly impossible for a rat to pass through. 

Depitction of the nordisk lock mechanism, showing the two flaps inside the rat blocker. The blue block on the rear flap prevents the front flap from being lifted on its own.
The Nordisk LOCK mechanism. Left: Lock not activated. Right: Lock activated.

Developing the new rat blocker 

The new TX11 LOCK was developed in response to a competitor product and launched in March 2022 in Denmark, according to Mikkel Dahl Hansen from Nordisk Innovation: “We have sold 300 000 rat blockers and haven’t received feedback that rats lifting the flaps would be a problem, but we developed the TX11 LOCK as a counter towards our competitor, and to make things even harder for rats.” 

A concern occasionally raised by pest controllers is “what if the rat blocker jams shut and blocks the drain?”, but the new TX11 LOCK’s mechanism is designed to be a simple block which can’t jam the flaps: “We have sold over 5000 TX11 LOCK so far, and customers haven’t experienced any jamming challenges. The worst-case scenario is that the lock won’t work, but in that case the flaps still have the sharp teeth to prevent the rats from passing”, Hansen explains.  

Feedback from customers has been positive, according to Hansen: “Some like it and others love it! As with every new thing people have questions, but overall they think it is a great idea. The feedback is that the “normal” TX11 is fantastic, but they think it is okay to develop to make it even harder for the sewer rats.”  

The new Nordisk TX11 LOCK is available from Stockists of Metex Products

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