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The Nordisk TX11 has been a world-leading industrial grade rat blocker for years with over 250 000 installations worldwide. The new TX11 LOCK is taking the design further to give rats an even harder time!

Like the standard TX11, the TX11 LOCK has double flaps with sharp teeth, which discourage rats from trying to lift them open – but for total customer peace of mind, the front flap LOCKS in place with a simple patented system whenever there is no waste flowing through the rat blocker.

Watch how it works:

The Best Just Got Better

  • Front flap LOCKS in place when there is no flow through
  • Simple mechanism releases the flap when waste flows through the rat blocker
  • Made from marine-grade acid-resistant stainless steel
  • Sharp serrated edges on twin flaps deter rats from trying to lift them
  • Professional, industrial-grade rat blocker
  • Easy mechanism to reverse the flaps
  • WRc Approved


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