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World class industrial grade Rat Blocker from Nordisk

Not all Rat Blockers are equal… The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker is made from marine grade stainless steel and is suitable for industrial or domestic use with sizes ranging from Ø82 mm to Ø350mm.

The Metex TX11 is the most advanced and reliable unit available. It is the only Rat Blocker to achieve WRc Approval, the benchmark within the UK water industry.

WRc Approval is carried out by the Water Research Centre. It is the benchmark within the UK Water Industry and entirely sets the Metex Nordisk range apart from all other Rat Blockers. It ensures recognition in the UK as a product that offers exceptional quality and performance.

‘The Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker has gone through extensive robust scientific testing to demonstrate it can do what is claimed. Installers of this blocker can be confident that they have chosen a well-engineered fitting that has been approved by an industry recognised test house and buyers can have confidence that they have chosen a quality product’ states Jonathan Badger, Technical Manager, WRc.

With a world-leading 100,000 installations, the Metex Nordisk TX11 is already the benchmark Rat Blocker for drains. Covered by stringent VA Approval issued by the Danish certification body, ETA-Denmark, and inspected by the Danish Technological Institute. The Metex TX11 has been developed and comprehensively tested.

Previously sold in the UK under the Vermend Rat Valve brand.

Please see the Nordisk Catalogue for details of the full range of sizes.