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Stainless Steel World Leading Rat Blockers

The Metex Nordisk is the only Rat Blocker to achieve Water Research Centre Approval in the UK. Already a rat-proofing benchmark Rat Blocker, with a world-leading 250,000 installations globally and stringent VA Approval, these rat valves are set apart from all others.

The Nordisk LOCK improves on the standard Nordisk’s design further with a locking front flap.

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An exceptionally well-engineered, robust unit. The Metex Nordisk Rat Blocker locks securely in position. Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel the unit has unrivalled durability. It has a pipe stop feature to prevent the unit becoming dislodged and lost into the drainage line.

Suitable for

The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker can be configurable for inlet or outlet position. The unit is available in a wide range of sizes up to 350mm diameter and is suitable for use in plastic, clay, concrete, cast iron and other pipe materials. Special configurations are available, please call for details.

Easy Installation

The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blockers can be installed with zero friction due to their unique patented design. It is simply mounted to the installation pole, lowered into the manhole chamber from street level and pushed into the pipe. To secure the unit the pole is rotated, expanding the device to lock it securely in position.


The Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker has been rigorously tested and with over 250,000 units installed has been proven over 12 years. The TX11 features twin serrated flaps, giving double protection. Rats are quick to learn and avoid the sharp serrated flaps. The new Nordisk TX11 LOCK also has front flap which locks in place when there's no flow through the drain.

High Quality

The Metex Nordisk TX11 and TX11 LOCK are simply the best quality Rat Blockers available. They are exceptionally well-engineered, manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel for durability and installation into demanding environments. The TX11 LOCK flap system can also be retrofitted onto older TX11 models.


The Metex Nordisk TX11 and TX11 LOCK Rat Blockers are eco-friendly. These clean and non-toxic Rat Blockers offer a long-lasting and green pest control solution for getting rid of rats in drains.

+ Technical

How Do Rats Get Into Buildings?

Drainage systems and pipework play a critical role in maintaining a functional home. However, drains connect to sewers and sewers contain the rat population – which like to nest within houses. Defective drains or pipework often lead to a rat infestation. After all, an adult rat can fit through a 12mm horizontal gap and a round hole of 25mm diameter. The most common points of entry in a drainage system are via:

  • Built over defective drains
  • Cracked clay pipes
  • Uncapped inlet pipe
  • Soil vent pipes
  • Plastic to clay pipe joins
  • Guttering downpipes
  • The exposed leading edge of PVC pipes
  • Gaps around the edge of waste pipes
  • Flexible toilet pan connectors

One Device, Full Protection

Most dwellings have one main drainage outlet point before connecting to the main sewer, by installing the Rat Blocker here the whole upstream drainage system is protected from rat intrusion.

  • A – Terraced Housing
  • B – Detached Housing
  • C – Main Sewer Lines


The Metex Nordisk TX11 is a benchmark for rat-proofing and has been extensively developed and comprehensively tested with internationally recognised product approvals.

WRc Approval

The Metex Nordisk TX11 and TX11 LOCK Rat Blockers are now the only Rat Blockers to achieve Water Research Centre (WRc) approval in the UK. WRc approval is the benchmark within the UK water industry and sets the Metex Nordisk range apart from all other rat valves. It ensures recognition in the UK as a product that offers exceptional quality and performance.

VA Approval

For over a decade, the Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker has been covered by VA approval issued by the Danish certification body, ETA-Denmark, and is inspected by the Danish Technological Institute.

  • The TX11 passed a 5 day test with live rats. Food was placed on one side of the Rat Blocker and rats on the other with a fan to push the food smell towards the rats. No rats were able to pass the unit.
  • The TX11 successfully passed a high-pressure water test and remained intact and operational.
  • The TX11 has been proven to be self-cleaning in normal use.

With many thousands of TX11 units installed and working in the field for more than a decade and a legislative requirement in Denmark, this Rat Blocker is the market leader.

Nordisk TX11 Installation Instructions

The Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker is simple to install from street level using the installation pole. It has an easy unique zero friction installation method and once installed is securely located in place. The position of the flaps can be adjusted for a perfect fit. For full details, download and follow the installation instructions. All Rat Blockers should be inspected and maintained according to the installation instructions.

Installation Configuration for Manhole Chamber Inlet/Outlet

All models of the Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker are supplied with reversible flaps so that the same unit can be used in either inlet or outlet pipes.

Nordisk LOCK – Upgrading Your Rat Blocker

The new Nordisk TX11 LOCK introduces extra security with a locking front flap. With a simple patented system, the front flap locks into place but is released when waste flows through the rat blocker. This, together with the sharp serrated flaps, makes it almost impossible for rats to bypass the rat blocker. The TX11 LOCK system can also be retrofitted onto older TX11 models so there’s no need to buy a whole new rat blocker! Find out more HERE.

Guide to Eradicating Rats from a Building

Fitting a Rat Blocker from Metex will prevent rats accessing the building through the protected drains. However, a Rat Blocker alone may not guarantee the removal of rats already in the property. We recommend consulting a professional Pest Controller to ensure the correct measures are taken to ensure all rats are removed and cannot return. For details of suitable professionals, see our list of approved installers.

Rat Blocker Maintenance is ESSENTIAL

We are often asked if Rat Blockers need servicing – the short answer is yes, BUT not for the reasons you may be thinking!

All Metex Rat Blockers are high-quality robust units, manufactured from stainless steel and will give many years of trouble-free service. However, drains are a hidden world that harbour, not just rats and rodents, but all sorts of other items that have been flushed away but should not be there! Blocked drains are often caused by seemingly harmless wet wipes, also fat tipped down the drain can solidify and can cause a blockage due to a build-up or ‘fat berg’. Therefore, every drain is at risk of blockage unless the waste that flows through it can be carefully controlled.

As a result, it is essential that all Rat Blockers are maintained at least once every year by checking and cleaning, which is also an opportunity to visually inspect the drain. Without these annual checks, there is a risk that should a blockage occur the Rat Blocker may be incorrectly blamed.

Ease of Maintenance

Rat Blockers from Metex can be easily removed and re-installed for drain cleaning and maintenance purposes. Ensure the installation instructions are followed carefully when re-installing the unit.

During the first three months, it is important to check that the Rat Blocker is operating correctly. During inspection, the unit should be removed completely from the drain, cleaned thoroughly and its condition inspected. All moving parts should be assessed and lubricated as necessary. A Rat Blocker that is showing signs of wear or mechanical issues should never be refitted. Should there be in any doubt as to whether to refit a Rat Blocker please contact Metex for advice.

It is recommended that a service agreement is put in place with an approved installer for the inspection and maintenance of the installed Rat Blocker.

Quality Products from Metex

All Rat Blockers from Metex are high-quality stainless steel devices. The Nordisk TX11 Rat Blockers, previously sold in the UK as the Vermend Rat Blocker, have been successfully installed in over 250,000 locations which is testament to the quality and durability of this product range.

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