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Choosing the Right Sprayer

We have removed the guesswork from choosing a sprayer. Metex have a comprehensive range of sprayers and spares which are available for a wide range of applications. This section will help you choose the right sprayer for the job.  

Chapin International are a leading manufacturer of professional sprayers in the USA with over a century of experience. Metex are their UK distribution partner. Chapin sprayers can be purchased through our wide network of reputable stockists or online here. 

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Sprayers are often selected and used based on their availability and not the application. This can cause the user inconvenience due to blockage, breakdown or chemical damage to the sprayer and ultimately is often not cost effective as it can put a stop on the job.


A wide range of sprayers are available, however, it is important to select a product that is not only suitable for the intended application, but is of good quality and backed up with plentiful spares availability.


Metex exclusively distributes high quality sprayers from Chapin, the leading sprayer manufacturer in the USA. Chapin sprayers in both metal and plastic are of high quality and are available as multipurpose units as well as a large range of specialist models covering a wide range of sectors including amenities, construction, cleaning, and disinfecting. A full range of spares is available.

Sprayer Overview

Metex supply high-quality commercial pressure sprayers for a variety of industrial chemical applications. Metex stock Chapin International plastic & metal handheld and backpack sprayers, complementing this range with all the Chapin spares and accessories you’ll need.

Our range of Chapin sprayers are suitable for:

  • Construction
  • Horticulture & Gardening
  • Janitorial Applications
  • Cleaning
  • Public Health
  • Pest Control

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Introducing Chapin Sprayers

Metex Chapin pressure sprayers are the first choice for construction, landscaping, horticultural, cleaning, public health and pest control industries. Applications include concrete curing agents, solvent based cleaners and sealers, waterproof coatings, disinfectants, weedkillers and pesticides.  

The Chapin Pro series sprayers come with FKM seals and gaskets (formerly known as Viton seals) which can withstand strong chemicals including fertilizers & Sodium Hypochlorite.  

Chapin’s 20075 bleach sprayer and the bleach knapsack sprayer are perfect for cleaning mildew or algae, or any type of mould removal and disinfectant, while the Chapin Industrial Acid Staining Sprayer is specifically designed and equipped to handle the acids required for acid staining cleaning.  

The 11.2ltr Chapin 22049XP Xtreme sprayer is designed to handle the most corrosive chemicals without breaking down and is compatible with chemicals including Acetone, Naphtha, Xylene and Toluene.  

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Sprayers FAQs

+ How reliable are the seals on the Chapin Concrete Sprayers?

The seals on the Chapin sprayers we supply are designed to be extremely robust and long-lasting. They are specifically designed and manufactured to handle the constantly changing solvents and accelerators you will be using with your Chapin sprayer.

Certain select models of Chapin industrial concrete sprayers are equipped with their Xtreme® seals and gaskets which are resistant to the harshest chemicals and high concentrations of Acetone®, Naphtha®, Xylene®, Toluene®, and petroleum-based solvents.

If you would like more specific information here, please just call us. We would be happy to advise you.

+ Do you provide Chapin 1949 Spare Parts for Chapin Concrete Sprayers?

As a trusted supplier of the Chapin 1949 Concrete Sprayer range, we can supply a full range of spares and accessories including nozzles and wands, seals and handles etc. If you need Chapin Sprayer spare parts you can buy them online here or just give us a call and we’d be happy to help you.

+ How should I store my Concrete Sprayer when not in use?

Here are some useful tips on how to store your Chapin Concrete Sprayer when it’s not being used:

  • Store your sprayer in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight.
  • The shut-off valve should be locked in the “open” position.
  • In freezing weather drain all liquid from the tank, pump, pressure cylinder, hose, shut-off valve, wand, and nozzle. Ice forming inside the sprayer can damage components.
  • Finally – it would be good practice to inspect the hose, wand, pump, tank, and shut-off valve for wear, damage, or leaks on a regular basis, and get any defects repaired promptly before they develop into more serious (expensive) problems.

+ Why are Chapin industrial Concrete Sprayers so popular with the construction trade?

In our view, Chapin produces the best industrial and concrete sprayer solutions available.

Chapin have earned a highly positive reputation within the construction industry. We believe that this is due to fact that Chapin industrial/construction/professional sprayers have been specifically designed to address specific applications. Consequently, Chapin sprayers have features that are purposely designed to address the needs of their users for specific tasks. For example, they use heavy-duty tanks designed to stand up to the harshest industrial chemicals.

Chapin equip their sprayers with seals made to withstand the harshest chemicals and to give you consistent results time after time.

As an established and reputable manufacturer, Chapin sets exacting quality standards that will give you value, versatility, and durability.

+ Who are Chapin?

Chapin Sprayers are manufactured in America by Chapin International based at Batavia in New York State. The company was founded in the late 1800s initially making cans for the safe storage and transportation of kerosene. The company then moved into making compressed air and hand sprayers. Today, as Chapin themselves claim:

"Sprayers are still made from the best materials and exceed the most exacting industry standards. Chapin products continue to perform safely and dependably, providing years of reliable service. Just as they have since 1884”.