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Chapin Sprayers

Metex are a UK distribution partner of Chapin International professional pressure sprayers.

  • Professional sprayers for commercial applications 
  • Construction use, including aggressive chemicals 
  • Garden, domestic & horticultural
  • Janitorial and cleaning 
  • Many more applications! 

The Chapin range is extensive and focuses on quality.  There are models for most applications.  Please select ‘Buy Products’ to view details of specific models. 

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Ideal for

Construction, landscaping, horticultural, cleaning, public health and pest control industries. Applications include concrete curing agents, solvent based cleaners and sealers, waterproof coatings, disinfectants, acetone, bleach, weedkillers and pesticides.

Reliable Seals & Gaskets

The Chapin series of sprayers predominantly come with FKM seals and gaskets (formerly known as Viton) which can withstand strong chemicals including fertilizers & Sodium Hypochlorite. Their range includes two specialist sprayers which can also handle acids for acid staining / cleaning and Acetone.

Robust and Dependable

Chapin sprayers are ideal for work at home and on site. They are well-engineered using quality materials and heavy-duty components, with chemical resistant seals and gaskets, and heavy-duty plastic and metal tank bodies.

Easy to Use

Chapin sprayers are quick and easy to use with no specialist tools required. All products come complete with all parts needed to assemble the sprayer and full instructions, along with a list of spares and part numbers for when the time comes.

Comprehensive Spares

The key to longevity with sprayers is a good source of spares. Metex hold stock of every spare that is needed to keep our listed sprayers in full working order.

Ongoing Technical Support

Metex never hide! If you have any issues with your sprayer, just reach out to one of our knowledgeable team via email or over the phone and we will endeavour to assist!

+ Technical

Metex supply high-quality Chapin commercial pressure sprayers with FKM seals and gaskets for a variety of industrial chemical applications, including all the Chapin spares and accessories you’ll need. 

We stock a comprehensive range of sprayers suitable for: 

Pro Series FKM Seal Sprayers 

Look for the Chapin Pro series sprayers with FKM seals and gaskets if you need a sprayer designed to handle a variety of oils & chemicals including curing agents, weedkillers, fertilisers and Sodium Hypochlorite. Sprayers with FKM seals are ideal for industry professionals in construction, landscaping, amenities or pest control.  

Xtreme Seal Sprayers 

Xtreme seal sprayers such as the Chapin 22049XP are designed to handle the most corrosive chemicals without breaking down, including Acetone, Naphtha, Xylene and Toluene, making them ideal for cleaning, sanitising and construction applications.  

Bleach, Cleaning & Janitorial Sprayers 

For cleaning and janitorial applications, we stock bleach sprayers such as the Chapin 20075, which are perfect for cleaning mildew or algae, or any type of mould removal and disinfectant, and is compatible with bleach solutions and fungicides. For sanitising bathrooms and office spaces, the Chapin 2608E Industrial Janitorial/Sanitation Sprayer is compatible with common industrial strength cleaners, whereas for homeowners & amenities professionals, the Chapin 20010 SureSpray is ideal for a variety of applications such as spraying weeds, feeding plants and flowers, misting beehives, and applying deck cleaners and sealers.  

Acid Staining Sprayers 

The Chapin 22240XP Industrial Acid Staining Sprayer is specifically designed and equipped to handle the acids for acid staining and cleaning associated with acid staining, and comes with acid and chemical-resistant seals and gaskets.   

Knapsack & Backpack Sprayers 

Backpack sprayers such as the Chapin 79500 15.1ltr FKM Seal Knapsack Sprayer or Chapin 61575 15.1ltr Bleach & Disinfectant Sprayer allow hands-free operation and a consistent output for long periods of time. Padded shoulder straps help accommodate a full backpack for hours, making them ideal for covering large areas.  

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