Chapin 20010 – 3.8ltr SureSpray SprayerChapin 20010 – 3.8ltr SureSpray Sprayer

Chapin 20010 – 3.8ltr SureSpray Sprayer

The Chapin SureSpray Sprayer is ideal for the homeowner & Amenities professional. Ideal for a variety of applications such as spraying weeds, feeding plants and flowers, misting beehives, and general cleaning.

This multi-purpose sprayer features:

  • 1.4 litre translucent plastic bottle with 4-inch wide mouth opening and removable strainer for easy filling and cleaning
  • Adjustable nozzle for fine mists to coarse streams with a simple twist
  • In-tank anti-clog filter for continuous spraying
  • Nitrile seals and gaskets

£23.50 £28.20

SKU: 20010

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