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Photo of a Nordisk rat blocker mounted on an installation pole next to an open manhole

Nordisk Rat Blocker in Action

Rat infestations can be a nightmare to deal with, especially during the cold winter months. As the temperature drops, rats seek warmth and sheltered places to nest, making homes and businesses the perfect target. In December 2023, Dan Schofield from ISCA Pest Control in Devon encountered a particularly challenging rat infestation that had been plagueing a row of terraced houses:

“Christmas 2023 I was called out to a property by some distressed customers that had been experiencing an ongoing rat infestation for the best part of a year. The property was situated in a row of four terraced houses built in 2002. The owners of the properties had all experienced issues with rats throughout the walls and attic spaces, chewing to plastic air vents and water pipes. They explained they had used previous pest control firms to try and resolve the issue, but to no avail.”

“On the initial visit, it was apparent by the amount of rat faeces throughout the attic and rising damp in the downstairs toilet that it could only be one thing: Drains! On inspection of the private sewage system that served the properties, it was obvious I’d stumbled across a rat run. A quick check to the back of the toilet revealed the problem. The rats had eaten their way through the back of the flexi pipe, which is a very common issue in newly constructed homes and extensions.”

Drains and sewers often provide a convenient route for rats to get inside houses. Drawn to drainpipes by the smell of food remnants such as fat, oil and grease, and insoluble items such as wet wipes and sanitary goods, there are plentiful resources for rats to make a good home. Once they’re in the pipes, rats can easily enter homes by chewing through the flexible toilet pan connector or even climbing out through the toilet! And once an infestation is established, it can be difficult and expensive to get rid of.

Dan installed a Nordisk professional rat blocker in the drainage chamber to stop rats from accessing the property – and the job was a success: “After a call to Metex, we had a 4” Nordisk rat blocker with extension pole on its way. Finally, after many sleepless nights, we had four very happy customers!”

Nordisk rat blockers are a UK market leading range of professional rat blockers. They are also the only rat blockers to achieve Water Research Centre (WRc) Approval in the UK, as well as the stringent VA Approval issued by the Danish certification body, ETA-Denmark, and inspected by the Danish Technological Institute. The sizes range from 82mm up to 300mm, so whatever the size of the pipe, there will be a Nordisk to fit it. And as they can be installed from street level with a separate installation pole, there’s no need to climb down into the chamber! Find more information and Nordisk stockists HERE.

Of course, installing a rat blocker isn’t always enough to get rid of an existing infestation on its own. If you have an infestation, the pest controller may still need to include other measures to eradicate the rats already in the house. However, stopping more of them from getting in will make the job easier and help prevent the problem from reoccurring. Preventative proofing often helps avoid costly extermination jobs later on!

Are you thinking of rat proofing your own home, or using Nordisk rat blockers on a job for a customer? We’re here to help if you have questions – you can always catch us on 0800 130 3646 or email!

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