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The Metex Nordisk rat blockers are a rat-proofing benchmark. With a world-leading 250,000+ installations globally, as well as UK Water Research Centre & Danish VA Approval, these rat valves are set apart from all others.

Nordisk Rat Blockers Are:

  • Made of marine grade 316 acid-resistant stainless steel for demanding environments
  • Suitable for plastic, clay, concrete, cast iron and other pipe materials
  • Exceptionally well-engineered with two sharp serrated flaps for double protection from rats
  • Easy to adjust for drain inlet or outlet positions
  • Designed for easy zero friction install – unique patented design with expanding sides
  • Available in a wide range of sizes up to 350mm diameter
  • Possible to install from street level with the Nordisk installation pole, so there’s no need to climb into the manhole