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Coming Soon – A Safer Way Of Cutting Bricks

Angle grinders are one of the most dangerous tools in industry and agriculture, with over 5000 injuries each year. Holding bricks, blocks or paving slabs in place with a foot is common when cutting them on site without a jig, but it means risking the disc binding or kicking back, and causing injuries.

Unlike heavy cutting jigs, Grindermate is a simple, light cutting platform for brick and block paving which you can just grab from the van, place on the ground and start cutting! It’s marked for 45 degree and half brick cuts, and holds the brick or block pavior in place while you cut.

  • Stable & Robust Cutting Platform
  • Safer Than Toe Hold Method
  • Marked For Half Brick & Angled Cuts
  • Easy To Use With Zero Set Up Time

See How Grindermate Works:

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