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Dot & Dab Wall Fixing Solution

Corefix solves the problem of fixing to dot and dab walls (Plasterboard over Blockwork).  The patented system includes an engineered steel core that bridges the cavity and transfers the load to the blockwork behind.

  • Safe working load of 100kg using four fixings
  • Steel core transfers the load
  • Steel core prevents plasterboard crushing.
  • For heavy loads including wall mounted TVs, shelves, cabinets and radiators

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+ Benefits

Corefix is ideal for

Wall mounted large screen TVs, wall hung cabinets, shelves, boilers, radiators, sanitaryware and much more! Corefix has been designed for dot and dab walls, where the plasterboard has been used to cover blockwork, but is suitable for use within masonry and blockwork walls.

Required for most modern houses

Obtaining a secure fixing to a dot and dab wall is notoriously difficult, as the plasterboard is largely unsupported. Corefix solves this problem by securing the load, by way of the steel reinforcement to the solid wall behind, and not to the plasterboard.

Easy installation

Quick and easy installation with no specialist tools required. All that is needed is a 10mm masonry drill, hammer and screwdriver. The straight-forward fixing system comprises of a patented plug, metal insert and screw.

Huge Load Rating

Tested to over 250kg (without failure) with a safe working load of 100kg based on 4 x Corefix fixings. Corefix has been independently tested for tensile and sheer strength.

Robust and Dependable

Using Corefix the load is supported by the solid wall behind, not the plasterboard. Corefix is well-engineered using quality materials and heavy duty components, with the metal parts being plated for corrosion resistance.

No more bowed Plasterboard

Corefix bridges the void between plasterboard and the solid wall behind with STEEL thereby preventing the plasterboard from crushing into the void (as is common with many other types of fixing).

+ Technical

Fixings reliant on the strength of the plasterboard alone may not be suitable to reliably fix heavy items.

  • 5 x 100mm screw, plated for corrosive resistance
  • Heavy-duty thick-walled steel core
  • Precision engineered for a trusted fit
  • Strong shoulder for secure steel core insert
  • Secure flange to set consistent installation depth
  • Multiple anti rotation ribs
  • Aggressive serration angle for secure anchoring

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