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Perfect Silicone Finish Every Time

If you used to hate finishing your bathroom with silicone sealant, you’re in luck! Getting a perfect bead of silicone sealant is now easier than ever. The Metex Silicone Block cleans your sealant like a pro and produces consistently neat 6mm & 8mm silicone beads with just a swipe. It even works in awkward areas like tight corners or behind taps, and the handy side holes can be used as a nozzle attachment.

See How The Silicone Block Works:


Silicone Joints Made Easy

  • Consistent 6mm & 8mm silicone beads
  • Easy To Use For DIY & Trade
  • Block Glides Across Tile Joints, No Dents
  • Neat Corners Formed By Block
  • Use Behind Taps & In Tight Areas

Available in early 2023 – call us for further information and pricing!

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