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Cobra fixings demonstrate technical excellence and best in class performance. The range includes:

  • Fixings with high load ratings
  • Many self-drilling items
  • All fixings include the required screws
  • Range of dedicated hooks and hangers
  • Clear packaging showing wall material suitability
  • Best selling fixings in the USA and Canada

The Cobra brand is the world’s most trusted name for anchors and hanging devices with more than 22 worldwide patented products.

Cobra fixings are ideal for fixing large wall mounted TVs, wall hung cabinets, shelves, boilers, radiators, sanitaryware and much more!

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Technical Excellence

Operating since 1973, Cobra are recognised as an industry leader in fixings. They continue to invest in research and advanced technology, having secured 22 patents for fixings and continuing to bring real benefit through innovation.

Ease of Installation

Cobra fixings are designed to be easy to use in all materials and applications. Additionally, many Cobra fixings are self-drilling, can be installed quickly and easily with only a screwdriver, and offer significant advantages over competitor products.

Huge Load Rating

The range of fixings clearly shows safe working load, allowing the customer to make an informed choice. Plasterboard fixings are available with ratings of up to 50kg and solid wall figures up to 250kg!

Robust and Dependable

Cobra fixings are manufactured from high quality materials, which include both metals and engineering polymers.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The product range offers the use the opportunity to select a suitable fixing from the broad range, rather than trying to make an unsuitable fixing ‘work’.

Worldwide Success

Cobra fixings are sold globally and have secured success across Europe and Asia, as well as in the USA and Canada.

+ Technical

The Cobra range have a fixing for an extremely wide range of applications with a sharp focus on wall fixings.

Key products within the range are:


A light duty self-drilling plasterboard fixing. WallDriller offers fast and easy installation and can support weights of up to 30kg in plasterboard.  The fixing is designed to prevent the screw jamming as is often the case with this style of fixing. Available in both metal and engineering plastic versions, with similar load ratings.


A medium duty self-drilling plasterboard fixing. WallGripper grips behind the plasterboard, providing improved load holding of up to 40kg in plasterboard and offers fast and easy installation.


A heavy duty self-drilling plasterboard fixing with fast and easy installation. DrillerToggle uses a metal locking bar to provide a solid anchor behind the plasterboard providing a high load holding of up to 50kg in plasterboard.


A heavy duty wall fixing that is suitable for a wide range of wall materials including plasterboard, insulated plasterboard, wood board, tiles (with a hollow behind) and hollow concrete blocks. FlipToggle uses a metal locking bar to provide a solid anchor behind the plasterboard providing a high load holding of up to 65kg in plasterboard and 250kg in hollow concrete blocks.


A versatile wall fixing suitable for a wide range of wall materials including plasterboard, brick, tile, hollow concrete blocks and concrete. When installed, TripleGrip has three locking actions, providing a secure anchor. TripleGrip is available in a range of sizes and provides a high load holding of up to 27kg in plasterboard and 102kg in concrete blocks.

WallBiter Picture Hook

The WallBiter picture hook can simply be tapped into plasterboard or wood to provide a convenient single part picture hook with a load rating of 6kg in plasterboard.

WallDriller Picture Hook

The WallDriller picture hook benefits from the self-drilling performance of WallDriller and also includes a convenient picture hook. Load rating of up to 14kg in plasterboard.


A truly versatile multi-purpose hook and hanger. VersaHook can be used in multiple materials in both walls and ceilings. VersaHook benefits from the performance of TripleGrip to lock the hook into place. Load rating of up to 11kg in plasterboard and 30kg in concrete.

Technical specifications

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