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Ratwall Voted Runner-up in Pest Magazine Best Product Awards

As ‘new Kids on the block’ we didn’t expect Ratwall to be so successful in the recent prestigious Pest Magazine Best Product Awards.

In our view Ratwall is the ideal drain rat protection device and the readers of Pest Magazine agreed. It allows the full capacity of the pipe to be employed due to its externally hinged flap that effectively seals the aperture. Made from stainless steel, Ratwall is totally maintenance free with the external hinge ensuring the internal pipe area is 100% clear so debris will not snag on the inside of the pipe.

Another thing that was liked by the voters is that Ratwall is really easy to install in the main drainage outlet between the property and the main sewer and the flap can be reversed to use in the inlet position. Ratwall can be used in 4 inch (100mm) & 6 inch (150mm) drainage systems for clay, PVC and cast iron materials. Most properties will feature a single main drainage outlet but Ratwall can also be used in terraces or flats where several outlets or inlets feed into a common main drain.

Pest Magazine is the leading independent publication for the pest management sector and provides a mix of unbiased news, impartial advice and topical technical features for pest control professionals in the UK and internationally. The annual Best Product Awards is now well established abnd respected with only readers of the publication eligible to vote.

Helen Riby – associate editor at Pest Magazine said:

“This year we had a record number of votes cast by readers. Far and away the majority of these came electronically via the voting form on the Pest website. Each year the number of votes cast by readers increases and we are delighted to see how the manufacturers and distributors have got behind their products.”

Ratwall faced some stiff competition from very well established products promoted by pest industry giants such as Killgerm, Barrettine, Pelgar International and 1Env Solutions whose Rotex Ranger Dual Trap Mouse Station was voted in first place.

It is well understood that one of the most common methods rats use to gain entry to a property is through the drains and as any pest professional will tell you, it is a lot easier to stop them getting in than deal with an infestation once they have established a nest.

Full details of how Ratwall creates an effective deterrent and prevents rats entering a property through the drainage system can be found on this site. We also provide an installation guide and data fact sheet. Alternatively call us 0800 130 3646 for more detailed technical or sales assistance.