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Two new Metex Corefix offerings: A TV fixing kit and a Radiator & Boiler fixing kit

Two new Metex Corefix offerings: A TV fixing kit and a Radiator & Boiler fixing kit

Who says social distancing has to be boring! We’re all in the same boat, stuck at home, staying safe and protecting our amazing NHS but still wondering how to pass all that spare time! This is the perfect time to get around to those jobs that you’ve been putting off.

Metex Corefix have recently released two brand-new products. A TV Fixing Kit and a Radiator & Boiler Fixing Kit

Metex Corefix is a heavy-duty plasterboard wall fixing, specifically designed and tested for hanging anything up to 100kg onto dot and dab plasterboard over block walls.

The set of components effortlessly work together to bridge the plasterboard and the cavity transferring the load of the fixture from the plasterboard to the blockwork behind. This provides an incredible and independently tested safe working load of 100kg in Masonry block work and 73kg in Lightweight Thermalite blockwork.

Metex Corefix has been in the market for a few years now and is extensively used by professionals throughout the TVAV and Gas, Heating & Plumbing industries. The ease of installation saves you time and avoids any costly workarounds. But don’t take our word for it, lets see some honest customer reviews….


“Best fixing ever for dot and dab walls”


“Another new build TV wall mount installation secured on a full motion wall mount using high quality safe fixings @corefixuk.”

Charlie DIYte (+200k Views)

“If you’ve got something really heavy to hang on plasterboard walls with a void behind, for example a big Plasma or LCD TV bracket, this is the fixing for you”

…Told you not to take our word for it!

Also available in a 4 pack and 24 trade box, there’s no excuse for putting off those once troublesome jobs.

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