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Metex Tools

The Metex tool range is focused on addressing real issues on site with effective tools.

  • Robust, quality tools suitable for site or DIY use
  • Proven in use by professional contractors
  • Widely available from stockists
  • Metex technical support

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Ideal for

Construction with a particular focus on tools for screeding, groundworks, drainage, pipework and site work.

Provide Industry Standard Finishes

Metex tools provide consistent a industry standard finish. PipeGrip and Chamf provide the industry standard 15 degree chamfer, while PipeFall provides the user and inspector with the correct gradient levels. Our Grindermate cutting platform is marked for standard half brick and 45 degree cuts.

Easy to Use

Metex tools are designed to make the job safe and easier and improve the finish. We have a suite of videos and blog pieces demonstrating the need for these tools and how they are more cost effective than workarounds.

Robust and Dependable

Metex tools are ideal for work at home and on site. They are well-engineered using quality materials and heavy-duty components to withstand the rigours of working on site.

Used by the UK's Largest Material Suppliers

Our tools are widely used by construction workers from the jobbing builder to a large number of the UK's largest Groundworks & Civil Engineering contractors.

Ongoing Technical Support

Metex never shy away! If you have any issues with your Metex tools just reach out to one of our knowledgeable team via email or over the phone and we will endeavour to assist!

+ Technical

Metex quality drainage tools are robust, efficient and easy to use, helping contractors to save both time and money on site. The range includes manhole cover lifting keys plus various pipe tools.

Pipe Chamfering Tools

The Chamf tool will apply a 15 degree chamfer to any 110mm PVC pipe (including drain & soil pipes) in 15 seconds. The unit works with a power drill by mounting the male spigot into the drill chuck.

PipeGrip – Pipe Support and Clamp

PipeGrip is a convenient heavy duty pipe support & clamp that is ideal for site use. Made from heavy duty steel plate and powder coated for durability, it securely clamps 110mm and 160mm PVC pipes when cutting or chamfering. PipeGrip is easily used by a single person and is the ideal stand to use when pipe chamfering using Chamf.

Manual Pipe Gradient Measuring Tool

PipeFall is a robust, anodised aluminium drainage pipe gradient measuring tool. Its easy to use and accurate, simply slide the ‘spirit level’ body over the desired colour coded recess. The PipeFall level will click into place and indicate to the user when either a 1:40, 1:60, 1:80 or 1:100 fall has been achieved.

Grindermate – Safe & Accurate Cutting Jig For Brick & Block Paving

Angle grinders cause thousands of injuries each year. Construction workers often hold bricks, blocks or paving slabs in place with a foot when cutting them on site without a jig, but this is dangerous and risks injury.

Metex Grindermate is a simple, light cutting platform for brick and block paving which you can just place on the ground and start cutting. It’s marked for 45 degree and half brick cuts, and holds the brick or block pavior in place while you cut, with zero setup time.

Non-Return Valves

Metex Buffalo 110mm & 150mm stainless steel door non-return valves help prevent backflow of water into properties during flooding. The 110mm valve has WRc Approval. They are suitable for clay, PVC & cast iron pipe systems for installation within either an outlet or inlet of a drainage chamber. Secured into pipework within drainage chambers they also effectively discourage rats and rodents from entering a property via the drainage system.

Universal Manhole Cover Key & Lifting Sets

The Unikey Universal Manhole Cover Key & Lifting Kits include two handles and a range of interchangeable tips. Includes: 33mm T tips, 22mm T tips, 10mm Hook tips, M10 Screw tips, M12 Screw tips and a Stopcock Key. Unikey handles and tips have a 250kg Safe Working Load certified by Lloyds British Testing (1000Kg straight pull destructive testing). Stopcock tip not tested. Unikey is manufactured from quality Zinc plated carbon steel. Available with carry case or roll pouch.

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