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How to securely fix a floating shelf to a dot and dab plasterboard over block

How to securely fix a floating shelf to a dot and dab plasterboard over block

First of all: What is Dot and Dab?

Dot and Dab plasterboard dry lining has become very popular in recent times as it can be a very quick and easy way to finish a wall without needing any specialist trades. Over 80% of the UK’s new build houses use this method as it reduces costs and increases speed of completion. 

Plasterboard can be attached by three methods, either, mechanically (with screws), chemically with plasterboard adhesive or by using plasterboard fixing foam. Fixing using plasterboard adhesive is known as dot & dab or direct bonding and has several advantages over screws as it can be bonded directly to bare bricks which gives considerable speed advantages. 

How to securely fix a floating shelf to a dot and dab plasterboard over block


How can I fix stuff to Dot and Dab?

One of the biggest issues with using dot and dab is that it can be very difficult to fix to because plasterboard cannot support substantial weight. The solution is to use a specialist dot and dab plasterboard fixing, such as Metex Corefix 

Metex Corefix is made up of 3 parts: an expanding wall plug, heavy-duty steel core and screw. The set of components work together to bridge the plasterboard and the cavity, transferring the load of the fixture from the plasterboard to the blockwork behind.  

Corefix 100 Dot & Dab Wall Fixing 4 Pack

This provides an incredible, and independently tested, safe working load of 100kg in Masonry block work and 73kg in Lightweight Thermalite blockwork. By supporting the screw that will hold the load using the steel core it is possible to safely and securely fix heavy floating shelves to dot and dab wall. 


How do I install a shelf with Corefix?

Easily! Just follow these steps:

  1. Mark the required location of shelving bracket holes. Generally a minimum of four Corefix dot & dab wall fixings would be used per shelf. Drill hole to required depth using a 10mm masonry or SDS drill bit.
  2. Ensure all debris and dust has been removed from the hole. Gently tap the Corefix plug into place until the flange contacts the wall surface.
  3. Tap the metal core into place until it is flush with the Corefix plug flange.
  4. Offer the shelf bracket up to the wall and ensure bracket is totally secure and that screws are ‘tightened up’ in all fixing locations. If shelf is to be used to support heavy loads, ensure shelf bracket is secured to underside of shelf to avoid this slipping forward.


How to securely fix a floating shelf to a dot and dab plasterboard over block


To see this in practice, check out what @UltimateHandyman (450K YouTube Subscribers) thought of Metex Corefix when he came to fixing a floating shelf to dot and dab plasterboard over brick!

It’s no secret, we love them! This age old problem that has plagued us (and many others) for many years has now been solved thanks to Metex Corefix. Metex Corefix is a relatively simple solution to a very big problem and we think these fixings deserve a place in everyone’s toolbox. 

For more information on where to purchase Metex Corefix, click here!