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Good vs Bad Rat Blockers

Installing an Industrial Rat Blocker

Underground drainpipes offer a safe place to shelter for many animals, but the most common rodent taking residence in your drains… are rats! 

Drainage systems play an important role in maintaining a functional home or business premises, and it is thought that the majority of rat infestations start due to defective drains or pipes. Afterall, a rat only needs a small crack or hole to squeeze through before they make their home in your drainage system!

Once you have an infestation inside your property, it can be a very difficult problem to get rid of. It involves a step-by-step process which includes locating and blocking the access point by using a proofing method such as RatTape and installing a rat blocker. As such, it is important to check that your drains are in top working order to protect you and your property from an invasion of pests – read on for the benefits of installing an industrial rat blocker!


Rat Myths and Facts


How can rats enter my house from the sewer? 

Drains and sewers provide a convenient access point for rats to enter your property, and due to the presence of water and waste, it makes them difficult to detect. Drawn to your drainpipes by the smell of food remnants such as fat, oil and grease and insoluble items such as wet wipes and sanitary goods, there are plentiful resources for rats to make a good home. 

Once in your pipes, drains and sewers, these rampant rodents cause no end of damage and can easily enter the walls of your property before running around your building or home and even popping up in your toilet! 

But how do I block them out? 

It is important that when you hear or see rats in your drainpipes, or hear scratching in the walls or roof space, that you act immediately. Once you have spotted the problem, it is important to get it fixed. This includes repairing any damaged and broken construction materials, patching up small holes in pipes using Rat Tape, which is difficult for rats to chew through, and installing a rat blocker.  

Rat Blockers or ‘rat flaps’ are simple devices that stop rodents travelling past a certain point within a drainage system. For industrial applications, an effective rat blocker like the Metex Nordisk TX11 will do this with ease. 


Metex Rat Blockers – not only for proofing against rodents!


Metex Nordisk TX11 rat blockers (formally known as Vermend Rat Blocker) are now the only rat blockers to achieve Water Research Centre (WRc) Approval in the UK and stringent VA Approval issued by the Danish certification body, ETA-Denmark, and inspected by the Danish Technological Institute.

This, and a world leading 100,000 installations, ensures recognition in the UK & Denmark as a product that offers exceptional quality and performance. 

The Nordisk TX11 rat blocker is an easy to install rat blocker that benefits from precision Danish engineering. It is: 

  • Easy to install into underground drains by hand or from street level using the separately provided installation pole 
  • Made with an easy and unique zero friction installation method ensure that once installed the unit is securely fixed in place 
  • Made from marine grade stainless steel (316) and is suitable for industrial or domestic use with a wide range of sizes from Ø82 mm to Ø350mm 
  • Double serrated flaps which can be adjusted to ensure the perfect fit.


Charlie DIYte recently reviewed the Nordisk TX11 on his Youtube channel:



With many thousands of TX11 units installed and working in the field for more than a decade, and a legislative requirement in Denmark, this Rat Blocker has been well developed and comprehensively tested. 

For more detail on the Metex Nordisk TX11, you will find a handy installation guide and data fact sheet on the website or you can call 0800 130 3646 (option 4) for further technical assistance.