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What do rats do and where do they go in the summer?

Most people are aware that rats like to sneak into their property during the colder months. Just like humans, when the thermometer falls, rats like to be indoors, tucked up in a warm, peaceful location with plenty of tasty food at hand! Obviously a domestic property is an ideal spot for rodents to spend the winter, which is why many people report infestations at that time. Unfortunately, their indoor activity isn’t confined to chilly periods: rats are particularly active during the summer and very likely to set up house in your home!

Rat damage all year round

Because there is more food outside for rats over the summer, they may well venture further from their nest and out of the house. This doesn’t mean that they’re gone, however. Rats will often stay outside during the day and return at night, usually by crawling through drains to enter the house. They are particularly active during the summer, breeding and fattening up, ready to withstand the perils of winter. What this means for your home is that, without intervention, a rat infestation is unlikely to clear up on its own.

Don’t risk your property with an unchecked infestation

Not only do rats pose a threat to health, but they can also cause considerable structural damage. By gnawing and chewing at cables, they have been know to cause electrical fires. They may also chew through timber, roof felt, plaster and even plastic, damaging pipes, walls and doors in order to make access easier or to get to food. In addition, rat droppings and the rats themselves harbour pests and bacteria which can cause several serious illnesses, including hantavirus, LCMV, salmonella and rat-bite fever. Why take the risk? Preventative rat blockers are essential and if an infestation has been established Rat Blockers should be installed as part of a package of treatment by a qualified pest control professional.

Nordisk and Ratwall keep summer rats at bay

Easy to install in pipes, under manholes and drainage chamber locations, these rat blockers allow the egress of waste, without allowing rats to crawl up the drainage pipe into the home. It’s virtually impossible to stop rats using a pipe as an entry system without a blocker: rats are extremely flexible and can squeeze their way through unless there is a blocker to stop them! Unless you want rats back in your property during the summer, stronger and healthier than ever after a summer of good eating outside, you’ll want to install rat blockers to keep them away.