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WRc & VA Approval: ‘What does this mean and how is it achieved’

WRc & VA Approval: ‘What does this mean and how is it achieved’

Fitting a Metex Rat Blocker will prevent rodents from accessing a property through the protected drains whilst allowing rats to pass freely downstream. However, putting a foreign object into a drain is traditionally not thought to be best practice due to the potential of waste and byproducts snagging.

Metex is delighted to announce that after extensive scientific testing the Metex Nordisk TX11 Rat Blockers (formally known as Vermend Rat Blocker) are now the only Rat Blockers to achieve Water Research Centre (WRc) Approval in the UK. WRc Approval is the benchmark within the UK Water Industry and entirely sets the Metex Nordisk range apart from all other Rat Blockers. It ensures recognition in the UK as a product that offers exceptional quality and performance.

‘The Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker has gone through extensive robust scientific testing to demonstrate it can do what is claimed. Installers of this blocker can be confident that they have chosen a well-engineered fitting that has been approved by an industry recognised test house and buyers can have confidence that they have chosen a quality product’ states Jonathan Badger, Technical Manager, WRc.

Metex Nordisk TX11 is already the benchmark Rat Blocker for drains, with a world-leading 100,000 installations Globally and stringent VA Approval issued by the Danish certification body, ETA-Denmark, and inspected by the Danish Technological Institute.

The TX11 passed a two weeklong test with live rats. Food was placed on one side of the Rat Blocker and rats on the other with a fan to push the food smell towards the rats. No rats were able to pass the unit.
The TX11 successfully passed a high-pressure water test and remained intact and operational.
The TX11 has been proven to be self-cleaning in normal use, no snagging!
With many thousands of TX11 units installed and working in the field for more than a decade and a legislative requirement in Denmark, this Rat Blocker has been developed and comprehensively tested.

The Nordisk TX11 Rat Blocker is simple to install from street level using the installation pole. It has an easy and unique zero friction installation method and once installed is securely fixed in place. The position of the rat flaps can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Fitting a Metex Rat Blocker will prevent vermin from accessing the building through the protected drains. However, a Rat Blocker alone may not guarantee the removal of rats already in the property. We recommend consulting a professional Pest Controller to ensure the correct measures are taken to ensure all rats are removed and cannot return.

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