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3 Bar Liquid Screed Aluminium Dapple Bar Set 900, 2000 & 3000mm

Best Dapple Bars

If you want to do the best job it will always help if you have the best tools for that job. So if you are in the business of laying liquid screed floors or flowing concrete floors and you want to achieve the best possible finish then you should be using the Metex range of Dapple Bars.

Who Are Metex?

Metex are a British company who work with British manufacturers to supply the construction trades with innovative, high quality & highly effective products. These products are all designed to save the construction trades time and money. All of the products promoted by Metex have been extensively tested in real construction scenarios before being released onto the market.
Metex continually assess the needs and requirements of the construction sector with a view to better serving construction companies and tradespeople with innovative products and solutions that will make the industry more efficient, add real value and produce better project results.

Dappling Bars from Metex

Our Dapple Bars and Dapple Bar sets have been designed and tested for ease of use, quality of finish, ease of maintenance and durability which all adds up to deliver excellent value for money. Our dapple bar range is divided into Flowing Concrete Dapple Bars and Liquid Screed Dapple Bars and Dapple Bar Sets.

Flowing Concrete Dapple Bars

We offer two dapple bars for use with flowing concrete;

  • 1 metre Steel Dapple Bar
  • 2 metre Steel Dapple Bar

Both of these dappling bars are manufactured to the highest standards using high quality mild steel which is then fully powder coated for easy cleaning and a longer (corrosion free) life.
These dapple bars are ideal for concrete sub bases and footings.
They feature height adjustable handles with a single 90 degree comfort grip.
The 1 or 2 metre bottom bar has a 38mm diameter to ensure the perfect surface finish is achieved.
This product is also known as a “Concrete Dapple Bar“.

Liquid Screed Dapple Bars and Dapple Bar Sets

Aluminium Dapple Bar Set – 2 Bars

This dappling bar set features two high quality, lightweight, fully powder coated aluminium dapple bars for working flowing screed.
There is a fully welded 900mm bar with a single cranked handle and a fully welded 2metre double cranked handle dapple bar.
Both bars have a 38mm aluminium bottom bar to create the perfect finish and ‘wave’ on site.

Three Bar Aluminium Dapple Bar Set

This is a high quality lightweight, fully powder coated aluminium dapple bar set. It comprises:

  • 1 x fully welded 900mm bar featuring a single cranked handle
  • 1 x 2 metre wide fully welded bar with twin cranked handles
  • 1 x 3 metre bar with a separate handle section. The installation and removal of handle section is via two ultra-robust stainless steel thumb screws allowing easy van transport and storage.
  • All three aluminium dapple bars in this set feature a 38mm aluminium bottom bar to create the required ‘wave’ and perfect finish on site

Both the 900mm and the 2 metre Liquid Screed Aluminium Dapple Bars are also available individually.

2 metre Thin Screed Aluminium Dapple Bar

This is the final dapple bar in our flowing screed range of dappling bars.  It is robust but light for easy use and is fully powder coated for a longer life and easy cleaning.
This thin screed dapple bar is for use with flowing screeds that can be laid at depths as thin as 12mm.
This dappling bar features an ultra-thin 15mm bottom bar to allow you to dapple even the thinnest of screeds.

So, if you are working with liquid screed or flowing concrete and having the right tools for the job is important to you use the Metex Dapple Bars. Perfect results every time and excellent value for money.

Any questions at all please call us – we’d be happy to hear from you.

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