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Metex RatTape, Rat & Mouse Proofing Tape | 1mt Roll

Rat Tape in Action

When it comes to dealing with rat problems, prevention is always the best course of action, as once an infestation takes hold it can be difficult and expensive to get rid of. 

Proofing awkward little gaps or spaces around pipework can be tricky, especially as rats can squeeze through just a 1.5cm gap, and juvenile rats even smaller!

Mark Porter from Porters Pest Control was recently able to sort out a problem like this quickly with the help of Metex Rat Tape, without any need for adhesives or other materials.  

On a proofing job at a property where rats had been causing problems, Mark had managed to block their access to the electrical cupboard with sand cement and galvanised wire mesh, but the spaces around the pipes in the next room also needed sealing.  

Rat Tape in Action

Rat Tape, cut to size and manipulated around the water pipes, proved to be just the thing to seal the small gaps effectively.  

“We were able to cut the tape to size and work our way round to give it a nice, neat seal. It’s easy to cut with a pair of tin snips and it sticks pretty well to the surface areas. Once carpet is put back down it’ll conceal it as well. Rat tape’s been really effective in this instance”, Mark describes.  

Metex Rat Tape is both chew-proof and waterproof as it consists of a stainless steel mesh between two layers of sticky butyl tape, which is ideal for sticking to most building materials and has been known to last for more than 20 years. It’s ideal for proofing gaps or building defects in a wide range of materials including wood, PVC, brickwork and concrete, as long as the area you’re applying it to is clean, dry and free of dust and debris. The tape can also be painted over to match its surroundings, but it’s important to remember that Rat Tape’s never a substitute for permanently repairing any building defects! 

Rat Tape is available from our stockists. You can also find out more in our Pest Knowledge Base!