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Self-Compacting Concrete – the Benefits for Groundworkers

Self-Compacting Concrete – the Benefits for Groundworkers

Self-compacting concrete, aka self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a well-established product in the building industry and is trusted in some of the world’s highest profile and advanced construction projects. 

Unlike conventional concrete, SCC is a semi-liquid that pours and flows quickly and levels naturally under its own weight, with very little manual labour. 

Ideal for foundations and underground structures, SCC is easy to pour into the required area, without the need for vibrators or mechanical compaction. During the creation process, chemicals – called superplasticisers – are added to the mix for a higher flow rate, allowing the concrete to level off and self-compact. The video below, from Breedon Group, shows how SCC is different from traditional concrete:


With traditional concrete, there can be a risk that it will segregate, which causes it to lose strength and structural integrity. A quality SCC mix, however, will not segregate, meaning it meets the necessary performance requirements. This gives a strong, stable concrete with an exceptional finish at a fraction of the total cost of laying traditional concrete. 

Advantages of SCC are: 

  • Reduced labour – due to the ease of placement, large pour sizes are achievable with reduced labour and plant requirements  
  • Health and Safety – reduced labour and plant requirements lead to reduced health and safety hazards  
  • No vibration – with no vibration, the problem of vibration white finger is eliminated  
  • Noise Reduction – eliminating traditional methods of placing and finishing concrete reduces noise, which is particularly important in inner-city and built-up residential areas  
  • Flexible placing – ideal for jobs with difficult access or where longer pumping distances are involved  
  • Flexible supply – available from all Tarmac Ready Mix plants  
  • Waterproof – can be supplied with an integral waterproofing admixture 

There are a vast number SCC’s available from material suppliers such as Tarmac, Breedon, Aggregate Industries, Cemex and many more.  

Every application requires a different process depending on the pour, but with Agilia, Topflow, Breedonflow Form, Cemflow and Highflow the need for levelling tripods, dapple bars and curing agent sprayer is essential. 

For high-quality hand tools used by groundworkers to level, dapple and spray SCC, click here.

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