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Fixing a Radiator to a Dot & Dab Wall

Fixing a Radiator to a Dot & Dab Wall

Fixing heavy items like radiators can cause problems, as most new houses have walls with a cavity between blockwork and a plasterboard finish, often referred to as a dot and dab or dry lined wall.

Because of the gap between the outer plasterboard finish and the solid wall behind, the weight of items fixed to the wall is only partially supported by the plug, with the plasterboard having to support the rest of the load. The greater the load, the higher the risk of the plug deforming or the plasterboard collapsing into the void. However, even your house has dot and dab walls, you can still fix your radiator to that plasterboard wall if you use the right type of fixings, and for us that means Corefix.

Corefix has been specifically designed to provide a safe, secure fixing into dot & dab walls. To give you more peace of mind, Corefix has been independently tested to 100kg safe working load and has safely held 250kg in our own internal tests. So Corefix is without doubt the right fixing for this job. Unlike inferior plastic versions, Corefix has a steel core and this transfers the load from the plasterboard to the solid blockwork or masonry behind the plasterboard, so whilst other frame fixings claim to perform the same role, they can severely distort or crush the plasterboard into the void – not what you want when your radiator is dependent on them holding secure!


Fixing a Radiator to a Dot & Dab Wall


How to install a radiator with Corefix:

Corefix can be installed in less than one minute, without the need for specialist tools – all you need is a 10mm masonry drill, hammer, and a screwdriver: 

  1. Mark required location of wall bracket fixings. A minimum of four Corefix dot & dab wall fixings should be used when fixing heavy items – if in doubt, use more!  
  2. Drill a hole through the plasterboard and into the solid wall behind, ensuring the total depth is a minimum of 100mm.
  3. Remove any dust or debris from the hole before gently tapping the Corefix plug into place until the flange sits against the plasterboard. 
  4. Gently tap the steel core home until flush with the plug. 
  5. Offer the bracket/fixture up to the wall and screw to the wall using the supplied screws, ensuring two people support any heavy items. Mount heavy items such as TVs only after the bracket has been secured onto the dot and dab wall and screws are tightened up. 

The steel core’s length allows for a maximum void depth of 25mm. 

Standard Corefix 100 has a maximum fixture thickness of 10mm. For thicker fixtures, we recommend Corefix 120, which comes with a 120mm screw, allowing for fixtures of up to 30mm thick. Find Corefix 100 and Corefix 120 HERE. 

Fixing a Radiator to a Dot & Dab Wall

For more information, visit our dedicated Corefix Knowledge Base for more tips and a handy technical datasheet. Corefix is available in Trade or DIY pack sizes from our online shop!

If you have any questions at all, just get in touch: email us or call us for free on 0800 130 3646, we’re here to help!